A Second Chance To Smile

A Second Chance To Smile is a short eBook, complete with pictures, about my experiences in being an owner of rescue dogs. It highlights the questions I asked about dogs, the questions I asked myself, the difficulties I faced, and ultimately, the rewards I received.

My hope is that this FREE eBook will inspire people to make rational and not purely emotional decisions before they adopt a rescue dog. I want potential dog owners to think about the consequences of bringing a new dog into their family.

Since 1999, I have been an animal trainer. I have learned to interpret and understand the “languages” of a variety of animals, especially dogs. This book touches on things I have learned from working with and living with a household of dogs.

This book is meant to be shared and distributed to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who you feel may benefit from its message.

Read it here. 

Here’s what others have said:

I love the pictures. Love the way it all blends together. This is the voice I love from you. You are using the voice that reaches my soul and speaks my language.
Nicole G.