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I'm In coverMy first full-length book, I’M IN,  took me six years to write/edit/publish. That goes to show you that I was concerned about the quality of my writing. I’m no Stephen King, but I believe you will be happy with the quality and ease of the reading. Click on the link for I’M IN to read more about it.







My eBook, The Four Roots of Healing, is a short read in which I highlight the four principles I used to rehabilitate and recover from a heart attack and stroke. I believe these principles can be applied to a number of life’s challenges. READ IT NOW FOR FREE. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.

The Four Roots Of Healing


2ndChanceBookCoverI have also written a sort of picture/story book about my love and passion for dogs. It is sort of a “things to think about” for people who are considering to adopt a rescue or shelter dog. It is a very quick read. And it’s FREE. So why not give it a look. Send me an email at PFMorneault@gmail.com and I will send you the PDF file of this book.

A Second Chance To Smile